Hit King

Love him or hate him, you have to respect him. Derek Jeter did what he was suppose to do Friday night, that is, hit his 2722 career hit, passing the great Iron Horse, putting him alone atop the hit list of the most storied and successful sports franchises in history, the New York Yankees.

About 23 minutes into our first podcast here at TS, Alex asked me how much finesse there is in baseball, and is there a finesse player in the game today. Thinking back to this, I have to say that Derek Jeter may be one of the players in the game that could be considered a finesse style player. He doesn’t flaunt power. He’s smooth and graceful in the field, making the deep backhanded catch and in-the-air throw to first his trademark move. And he’s able to push the ball to the opposite field–something he did for his record-tying 2721 hit Wednesday night, and for his 2722 hit Friday. And the dignity, class, and respect Jeter has for the game and his fellow players, both on his team and on opposing teams, has lead him to be considered one of the best in the game by his peers and fans.

I know a lot of people dislike Derek Jeter for one reason or another, but consider this: if he continues to average around 200 hits for the next 5 seasons (he’s 35, let’s assume he keeps up his hit-pace for the next 5 years), he’ll have around 3750 hits. That would put him fourth on the all-time list behind Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, and the the humiliated Pete Rose. Now that’s impressive.

See his record breaking hit here.
See the Baseball Tonight guys talk about it here.
See Jeter’s career stats here.

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