Bode Bode Bode… A New Hampshirite’s Take

It was four years ago when I jumped onto the “I Hate Bode Miller” bandwagon, for his careless skiing, attitude, and overall demeanor toward everything USA Skiing.  But I still held out a little bit.  I was an agnostic anti-Bode-ite.  I was still open to the possibility of a successful Bode Miller, and that his skiing career would turn around.

I think what I said a few times four years ago, after Torino, was “Bode has disgraced New Hampshire.”  After being the best in the World, and winning medals at Salt Lake, and winning medals on the World Cup circuit, Torino was a disaster.  Skiing hung-over.  Not caring about getting a medal.  Being happy that he was able to party like an Olympian, instead of performing like one.

But then he had a kid.  He started to settle down.  And I know we’ve heard it all week from Bob Costas and the entire “Pay Attention To Us!” NBC Crew, but he really has readjusted his priorities and made himself into an athlete who does care about winning.  But I think it is true.  Bode has won events on the World Cup circuit again, and now, he has around his neck that elusive Gold medal.  It was most impressive Sunday night, during NBC’s delayed broadcast of the men’s Super-Combined, after Bode’s amazing slalom run, seeing other other skiiers saying to Bode “It’s great to have you back.”  And it truly is.

Welcome back Bode.  We’ve missed you.

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