Devil’s Advocate: A-Rod’s 600th

Well, he finally did it. And now the chit-chatter that was already going on (mostly on ESPN) about the importance and non-importance of his big blast with only increase exponentially.

Sure, Rodriguez may be the fourth player to enter the 600-home run club since Barry Bonds did it 2002, only 8 years ago, but he also is the player that perhaps is the second-most deserving. Sure, he took steroids during his years in Texas, but he was a pure power hitter before that, and will continue to be a pure power hitter for years to come.

A-Rod’s A-Bomb landed in Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park, were Rodriguez will have a monument erected of his own after he retires. The power of his swing is true, and hate him or not, he’s going to keep adding those dingers to his resume, and challenge, if not easily surpass, the true Steroidal Home Run King: Barry Bonds.

Steroids steroids steroids. Alex Rodriguez use to be the Poster Boy for not using steroids, but after his submission of using them in Texas, can be believe he hasn’t been using them since that, and not before? Can we believe that any of his seasons haven’t been tainted with performance enhancing drugs?

Rodriguez is the fourth player to enter the 600-club in the past eight years, but only Ken Griffery Jr. deserves to be in that club. Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Rodriguez are all steroidal freaks who have used low-blow methods to increase their power and strength and home-run hitting potential. Anyone who hit mile-stone home runs during the Steroid-Era and in the now Post-Steroid-Era deserves to have an asterisk next to their name in the record books: everything is tainted now.

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