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At Least D-Rose Posterized Somebody

Well, it looks like the league MVP is running out of gas. Heat/Mavs is pretty much penciled for the NBA finals matchup, but D-Rose is still mixing in highlighst before his team gets booted out of the postseason. Check out this nasty poster on Joel Anthony. God damn he has hops!

Great Going Joakim Noah

Not only did the Bulls get beat in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night, but Joakim Noah got caught by the cameras dropping the double F bomb that Kove Bryant is now very familiar with. Check out his lashing out on a fan  he hits the bench in Miami:

Luol Deng’s Got Skills

While I am slightly pissed that the Bulls couldn’t finish game 2 off and grab a hold of this series, at least they had the play of the game. check out Luol Deng‘s three quarter court buzzer beater from last night:

How Long Are Taj Gibson’s Arms? Like 12 feet?

That’s a guesstimate, but they’re probably a little closer to 13 feet. Boy it feels good to watch the Miami Lebrons get pummeled. After watching the Heat dismantle my aging Celtics squad last week, it feels damn good to see Taj Gibson and other random Bulls just poop all over them at the end of the game. Check out the ridiculous tip-in dunk by Gibson, a forward who’s not always known for highlight reel plays:

D-Rodman Blog Time!

Regardless of the importance of the story, anything involving The Worm is usually funny. This is no exception:
…he once dropped $80,000 at a strip club … IN ONE NIGHT!!…Of course, the year was 1996 … and Dennis had just signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls reportedly worth $9 million. On his way in to the party, Rodman also gave us a hint about the outfit he’s planning to wear for his upcoming induction into the NBA Hall of Fame … an outfit that may include a circus clown, midget and a drag queen. Your move David Stern.
I don’t know what’s cooler part of this story that candidly made by TMZ only…the $80K strip club night or the outrageous outfit planned for his HOF induction.

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