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Blake Griffin Once Again Finds the Stratosphere

In case you missed last night’s Clippers/Lakers game at the Staples center, here’s an update: Blake Griffin is still dunking on everybody. Its an infestation that can’t be contained. The problem is getting worse. First it was clumsy Timofey Mozgov, then it was over a Kia, and now Pau Gasol is the latest victim.

After a dozen or so seasons in the NBA, you would Pau would learn to just get out of the way. At this point, this is the basketball equivalent of an old woman in a wheelchair at a crosswalk. There’s no getting around the fact that you have to let her go. I can admit to being a somewhat reckless behavior, but you let them go. Gasol has no common sense in going up against Blake on that dunk. Not only is it stupidity, but it’s framed nicely in pictures all over the world now. Don’t believe me? See for yourself after the jump…all I know is that Andrew Bynum’s priceless expression in the bottom right corner says it all:

“Ouch. That’s gonna be all over ESPN.”

The Griffin domination on Pau Gasol:

Ron Artest’s Name Change Delayed, Why?

(He will be Artest) for at least 3 more weeks, because a judge just ruled there will be no Metta World Peace until Ronnie clears up his outstanding traffic ticket warrants. Ron’s name change petition went before a judge this AM, but hizzoner said he would not grant Ron’s request because Ron is a scofflaw…  

Traffic tickets…what a typical obstacle course for changing your name. Honestly, what does a speeding ticket have to do with changing your name, why are they related at all in a court? Anyways, Artest has a few weeks to ay the few hundred bucks he owes. I think he’s good for the cash.

Name Change Time!

There’s a reason why I’m a Celtics fan who’s relentlessly blogging about Ron Artest. The Laker is pure entertainment, no matter what team you root for on the court. He’s outdone himself with this recent news:
Say goodbye to Ron Artest and HELLOOOO to Metta World Peace … Mr. Metta World Peace to you…FYI, metta means loving, kindness, happiness and all that jazz. We’re told Ron wants to put the new last name – Peace — on the back of his L.A. Lakers’ jersey. These name changes are typically granted by a judge unless it would result in confusion or fraud.  

Point Proven…Metta World Peace”

Ron Artest’s Reality Show

Artest — who is no stranger to getting second chances — is helping mentor a group of parolees as part of a show called, “Last Second Shot.” Ron Ron will work with a team of mental health experts and life coaches to help the parolees take control of their lives. We’re told the production company, 44 Blue Productions, hasn’t pitched the show to any networks yet … but they’re “very high on it.”

Hmm, not a bad idea for a show. He’s not necessarily one to talk when it comes to mental health, but I guess he is a public figure with some influence on the youth (who are Lakers fans)…

Hitler Is Pissed At The Mavs

I don’t know Adolf was such a Lakers fan! I guess he likes front runners…


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