Red Sox and Yankees series boring for the rest of the season?

Has the drama and joy of the Red Sox/Yankees series been lost? What were great games even in the beginning of the season, when the powerful Sox dominated the seemingly out-of-it Pin-Stripes, has now become absolute beatings by the Yankees on to the now defunct looking Boston team.

It doesn’t even seem like bloody socks will rescue them.

The Sox are now, after a 20-11 bludgeoning, 7.5 games out of the AL East. They do lead the AL Wild Card by 1 game, over the surging Texas Rangers, who are playing a pivotal series against the surging Tampa Bay Rays (with the Rays winning game 1 of that series, 5-3, putting them 3 back of Boston).

So do these two remaining games of this three game series between Boston and New York have any drama left to give us? Not as much as we’d like.

We all know the pitching match-ups just aren’t there for the Sox. Tomorrow (Saturday), the Sox throw up Tazawa against a solid Burnett. And on Sunday, a pitchers duel is due, with Beckett taking the hill against Sabathia.

The offensive side of the teams is also one-sided. The Sox are struggling mightily, looking like the Yankees did in the beginning of the season before A-Rod/Roid/Fraud stepped back on the field. Papi has no pop. Varitek is still old. Youk can’t do everything. And the shortstop position has been a joke. The Yankees meanwhile are hitting comfortably at all positions, including the rotating outfield of Damon, Cabrera, Swisher, Hairston, and Hinske.

Is there any reason for a Yankee fan to even care about the outcome of this series? Other than for bragging rights? Other than for making it that much harder for the Sox to claw their way back in the East? Not really.

As for those in Red Sox Nation (a term I loath, by the way), you better start praying. A sweep in this series will put you 9.5 games out of the division. May put you 1 game behind the Wild Card race (if Texas wins the next two), or 1 up on the Rays. What could be the rest of the season for this Boston team that has won two world championships this decade lies in the balance over the next two days.

So this Yankee fan will be routing for the Yankees, and watching the games. If, for nothing else, so he can make his good friends feel horrible for being Sox fans. And for bragging rights on Token Sports.


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