Less Money = Less Baseball

The slumping economy (or flattening economy, or rebounding economy, however you want to put it) has certainly hit home already to us college graduates. Finding a job is tough. But how about finding a baseball game to go to? That can be difficult too.

Take Nashua, NH for example. There used to be three venues that you could pop open a box of Cracker-Jacks and watch a ball-game at within 30 minutes of Nashua. The Nashua Pride, a semi-professional baseball team that featured excited youngsters, journeymen-veterans, and so-so career ballplayers; the Lowell Spinners, a single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox; and, arriving in Manchester, just 15 minutes up the highway from Nashua a few years ago, a AA Blue Jays team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (who were originally going to be called the Manchester Primaries, a name which was quickly changed, with many thanks from the New Hampshire would-be-fans).

But this past season, the Nashua Pride became the American Defenders of the Can-Am League, and now, with only 7 home games remaining, their season may be over. The poor economy is a fickle opponent to a semi-professional baseball team. The Defenders owe the city of Nashua $45,000 for outstanding rent, police, and fire services, and have been locked out of their home, Historic Holman Stadium (yes, Historic is part of the venue’s name). It was an sad site to see the headline at WMUR.com (New Hampshire’s ABC Affiliate), and a worrisome image of the times (read the full article at http://www.wmur.com/news/20553151/detail.html#)

Its a sad loss. But when the southern New Hampshire residents have two other teams to go see, both with higher caliber players, can we really complain?

Probably not.


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