Dissapointment comes too often

Every season, there are several teams that just don’t make out the way we hoped. Let’s go ahead and take a look two at teams that, at the beginning of the season, TS thought would excel.

Kansas City Royals
They were suppose to be this year’s Tampa Bay Rays. They were suppose to do well in an AL Central division with teams that weren’t going to be able to run away with anything.

Instead, the Royals remain cellar dwellers, with one of the worst records in baseball (48-78, 19 GB of the Detroit Tigers). The bright side to the Royals? Cy Young candidate Zack Grienke (12-8, 2.43 ERA, 197 K, 39 BB) has been a pleasant surprise, and was suppose to be the anchor of a staff that had the support of one of 2008’s best bullpen, and one of the major’s best young closers in Joakim Soria (42 saves in 45 opportunities, 1.60 ERA in 2008).

However, the Royals are 11th in the AL in ERA, 1oth in earned runs allowed, 13th in runs scored, 13th in home runs, and tied for 13th in batting average. A lineup that was suppose to be anchored by the likes of youngster Billy Butler and veterans Jose Guillen, Mark Teahen, and David DeJesus has fallen flat.

As one of my friends said, he doubts the Royals will ever be good again. He may be right.

New York Mets
With a lineup that includes David Wright, Gary Sheffield, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Jeff Francouer, and Carlos Beltran, you’d think the Mets would be the talk of the NL East. With a rotation that includes Johan Santana and John Maine, and a bullpen that includes JJ Putz, Billy Wagner, and Francisco Rodriguez, you’d think the Mets would be the talk of the National League!

You’d think.

Instead, the Mets are 57-70, 17.5 games out of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. So what happened? Putz is on the DL. Wagner was injured, and didn’t perform in his return, and has now been shipped to the Boston Red Sox. John Maine is on the DL. Jose Reyes began the season on the DL, and has remained there, being joined by the likes of Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Gary Sheffield for a time, and most recently, David Wright. And, soon, Johan Santana will join then as well.

So what happened? It seems the injury curse moved from the Bronx to Queens this season, leaving the Yankees alone and striking the Mets instead. Perhaps Sunday’s 2nd ever game-ending unassisted triple play by the Phillies against the Mets sums it up best. They can start something, but not finish.

The Mets are one of the biggest baseball disappointments of all time. Hands down. Mets fans, its time to just move on to next season, or even the season after that, or the one after that…


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