A bad round of golf is still a great day

Sometimes, you can score like mad but just don’t have any fun. Sometimes, you can’t score for the life of you and you hate the whole experience.

Then, every once in awhile, you have one of the worst scoring rounds that you can remember, but you have the time of your life.

If you look at the scorecard below, my scorecard from my round today at The Overlook in Hollis, New Hampshire, you’ll notice two snow-men, and two of the dreaded 9’s on the back end of the card. And six 3-putts.

Now, I could blame my horrible score (I usually score, or, at least, I like to think I usually score around 100 or 105) on the fact that the greens were aerated this week and sanded, making them slow and almost impossible to read, but I won’t. Because when it comes down to it, after the round was over (almost 5 hours, I might add, since we had a member of our foursome who was AMAZINGLY slow, I mean super slow, like take one minute over the ball on the green slow, so like slowed that Jack Nicklaus slow) I was happy. I had enjoyed myself. I had dealt with the bad shots, with the horrible putting, and I had had a great time.

And that is what golf is all about. Thats what makes golf so great. Golf is like skiing. Even a bad day is a great day. Even a horrible day is a great day. Playing golf lets you get away from the rest of the world for a few hours, and get lost in a field of green grass, tall trees, sandy bunkers, and the occasional stream, lake, or pond. Playing golf is almost like a little 4 hour vacation.

And that makes the world all the more enjoyable.


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