You Need This In Your Life (edition #1)

Here at TS we like cool things in general. We also like seemingly useless gadgets that would probably entertain us for a lifetime. This is one of those things…check out PGA Tour/Champions Tour player Michael Allen‘s golf bag:

This is probably one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. I put it third behind the wheel and buffalo wings. Now, the thing that gets me about this flat screen TV on his bag is that it’s mostly used for scrolling advertisements. Yes, I understand he’s probably making some nice side money for the promo, but what if he just rolled out some MLB or College Pigskin games on that bad boy full-time? He would have the biggest gallery out there, no questions. Better yet, just leave the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video on repeat during his entire round. An easy way to distract his playing competitors, and just throw his sponsors’ ads in during the commercials. I swear I just come up with these ideas off the top of my head! Make it known that this will be one of the first purchases I make when I win the lottery.


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