Someone’s Mad The Pats Didn’t Score 100

The wife of former Titans GM Floyd Reese (who hates Jeff fisher) called into a Nashville radio show and blasted the Titans across the board. Check out some of what Sally Reese said about last week’s throttling at the hands of the Patriots:

“He kept Jeff from getting fired two times,” Reese said of her husband. “So if he’d let him get fired, he’d still be there. Hello? That’s hindsight. … Sunday I was hoping they’d run it to 100. And I love Tennessee. All you Tennessee people, my dad’s from Tennessee, but when you get sucker punched, you want to sucker punch back.”
She also said her husband wasn’t even allowed to clean out his office when told the franchise was going in a new direction after he had spent 21 years with the team.

Wow…way not to hold back there honey. As much I would have liked to have seen the Pats grant your request just to stick it to Fisher even more, we have a whole season ahead. Sorry Sally. After this has come out, I’m convinced that Fisher is on the chopping block right now. He might not make it to the end of the year.


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