Token Sports Trade Talk (Edition 1)

One thing that the NBA always gives you is trades. Both in quality and quantity, no league ships more players in different directions more than The Association. The February trade deadline is gonna be a madhouse here at Token Sports, so stay tuned. Case and point: three weeks in, and we have a trade…let’s examine what Golden State and Charlotte cooked up today:

Bobcats get: Stephen Jackson – A run n’ gun guard who does a little of everything. He always plays, but usually on his own terms. After disagreements with Coach Don Nelson, he’s been asking for a trade, and he got it.
Acie Law – A lefty point guard with a “score-first” attitude who’s been subjected to the bench. He has a chance to get more playing time in Charlotte behind Raymond Felton.

Warriots Get: Raja Bell – A three point shooter who’s never been able to get consistent PT anywhere. He’ll have the chance to throw up more shots on the west coast.
Vladimir Radmanovic – A role player who can hit the three and play solid defense on on opposing forward.

Who won out? Definitely the Bobcats. Jackson and Gerald Wallace are both two tall, long guards with scoring instinct. If they can gel together on offense, Charlotte will put up a lot more points this year. The Warriors just had to get rid of Jackson at whatever cost…


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