Jauron Handed Pink Slip

Rocking a medicore 24-33 record in Buffalo, and a disappointing 3-6 start for the season, Bills Coach Dick Jauron has finally been fired:

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will likely take over as interim head coach, NFL.com reported.
“I am announcing today that I am relieving Dick Jauron from his duties as our head coach, effective immediately,” Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. said in a statement. “I have tremendous respect for Dick and thank him for all of his efforts during these past four years. While this was a very difficult decision, I felt that it is one that needed to be made at this time for the best interest of our team. We will now focus on moving forward and preparing for our game this week in Jacksonville.”

Okay, so with the Jets looking unbelievably sad at home losing to the Jags, the Bills firing their coach, and the Dolphins at 4-5, it’s safe to say that Pats fans can move on from Sunday night’s disaster. The AFC East is going to be an early Christmas present based on the way thing are happenin’…


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