Jerry Springer Live: Wow.

Ever since I was a kid, it was always a rite of passage to watch Jerry Springer, despite the fact that it was extremely inappropriate television for a 5th grader. Sick days from school…watch Springer. Snow days…sneak off and catch come Springer. So all these years later, I happened to find out that Jerry tapes his shows in Stamford, CT (near my current residence). One online inquiry and a couple of e-mails later, me and my two buddies were in for one of today’s studio audiences. Needless to say, the experience of attending a taping of Jerry Springer was not only laugh out loud, but just downright unbelievable in so many ways. Here’s what I took away from the day…all in a couple of hours:

-That studio is tiny! The set and the stage are about half the size I pictured them being, and the studio only holds about 200 or 250 people. I guess everything really does look bigger on TV.

-The people at Springer stay in their lane. They know this isn’t Oprah. No need to be all G-Rated and polite. The producer and Jerry both cracked a lot of jokes between breaks, and encouraged everyone to act as insane as possible during the taping.

-Stunner: The show isn’t as fake and scripted as I thought. Seriously. The show guests don’t go reading lines during breaks, and the audience comes up with most of the insults that you see in the “audience questions” segment. Most of them…

-Mixed bag: The show I saw was great…it had a little of everything. We had transvestites fighting, an “I’m gay” confession to a girlfriend, an old creepy guy, and a cute 19 year-old stripping on the pole. Honestly, does it get any better than that?

-Oh, Jerry: Springer is the man, basically. He hits on all the hot girls in the audience, brags about how rich he is, keeps everyone laughing, and even takes the time to shake hands and take questions from the crowd, including myself! He’s 3 times the awesome dude I thought he was!

-Item #74 crossed off: Much like the MTV series “The Buried Life,” I have a list of random things that I want to do before I die. Attend a taping of Springer was one of them. Why, you ask? Because The Jerry Springer Show is bigger than TV. In this world where so much is wrong, we need an hour every now and then to escape reality. To laugh, and to just go nuts on national television. Call it trash TV, call it a waste of time, but realize that the entertainment value of seeing Springer Live is through the roof. The host slides down a stripper pole to enter. The audience insult the guests. People swear, people fight, and people get naked. Welcome to America.


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