Is Sunday at Augusta the Best Day of the Year?

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The simple answer is “YES.”

Think back to what has happened in this decade down there in Georgia during Sunday.  Phil Mickelson birdies 18 after battling back to win his first Major Championship.  A 3-way playoff that ends in Angel Carbera winning his first Green Jacket.  Mike Weir winning in a playoff to become the first Canadian and the first lefty to win at Augusta.  There is little to contend with Sundays at The Masters, even if Tiger does blow the field away by 12 shots.

I can’t remember the first time I watched The Masters.  But I can remember watching it.  I can remember watching Tiger, Phil, Ernie, and many more.  I remember watching Phil leap into the air after sinking his putt to win the Masters, and I guess that’s were my love of the game really took off.

The Masters, unlike any other tournament to me, signifies the start of the golfing season.  It’s spring: grass is growing; flowers are blooming; and the mowers are going strong on those 18 holes near you.  You watch the greatest players in the game battle it out on one of the most beautiful and exclusive courses in the world, and you just get that itch to play.  I have it now.  I just want to get my set of clubs and go out there and play.

The Masters does all this by being traditional, elegant, and non-apologetic.  “A tradition unlike any other,” is the tag line we hear Jim Nantz say over and over and over again.  And it’s true.  Not much of anything has changed at Augusta National since the tournament started, and the tournament will also always be played on CBS, for as long as CBS is around for.  Amen Corner is the same trechorious turn it always is.  The par 3 16th is still one of my favorite holes to watch players on in all of golf, if not the favorite.  And I’m sure the players will say there is nothing better in the world than walking up to the 18th green on Sunday, and hearing those roars.

On a quick transgression: The Masters is going to always be a tournament for men, played at a course that will always be for men.  It’s the way they are.  Call them old fashioned.  Call them sexist.  Call them old-foggies.  I have to say, that Augusta National doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong, and I have to agree with them.  How else could they become one of the most storied courses in the world, without having some sort of controversy.

With that said, I can’t say enough great things about waiting each year for The Masters to roll around.  I almost look forward to NCAA March Madness more for Jim Nantz inviting me to watch The Masters, then for the actual games themselves.  I get gitty with excitement every April.  And then we hit this weekend, and I just can’t contain myself.

Sunday at the Masters.  The truest tradition, unlike anything else in the world.


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