NFL Week 11: Trap Games

It’s a term that has been thrown around alot this season, especially by us at Token Sports. But Trap Games are earning their meaning this season, after seeing the Browns beat the Pats, and the Cowboys embarrass the Giants. Let’s look at a couple Trap Games this week in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers (6-3) vs Minnesota Vikings (3-6)
The Vikings have been phenomenal at home (3-1), making them not the traditional 3-6 team we’re use to seeing at this point in the season. Plus, they seem to be more on edge then ever and ready to finally break out of a mold. This is no gimme for the Packers, who don’t usual get complacent when Brett Favre is on the field for the enemy.

Houston Texans (4-5) vs New York Jets (7-2)
The Jets are that elite team that isn’t. Consistency is key for them, and they have been nothing but consistent–when they score over 23 points they win, and the defense has held teams to no more than 23 points. But the Jets are coming off two OT victories against teams that they shouldn’t be going into OT with: the Lions and the Browns. The Texans are a good team looking to get back on the horse. Heads up New York.


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