Tiger: A Year Later

Yep, that’s right, it’s been a year since the world of golf changed forever with one little car accident in Florida. ESPN’s Jason Sobel offers some perspective on the past year for Tiger, and compares his struggle, oddly enough, to a Dr. Seuss story:

Woods is spending a little quality single-dad time at home with his two children. They ask him to read a story and so the man sometimes referred to informally as the “Cat in the Hat” saunters over to the bookshelf and pulls the first Dr. Seuss tome within arm’s reach. He begins reading aloud, getting through a few pages until being overcome by an apparitional feeling. The book is about … him. It isn’t, of course, but “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” — first published in 1990, when Woods was 14 years old — draws some eerie yet intriguing parallels to his tale. Described by one reviewer as “a guidebook to the journey of life,” the author’s final project prior to his death is often handed out to recent college graduates as they enter the “real world.”…

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