Life is Tough for Kyle Brotzman

The Boise State kicker missed not one, but two game-winning field goals, and since the Broncos were upset Friday night, it’s been a living hell for the kicker:

Within hours, the Ada County Sheriff’s Department got a report about callers leaving obnoxious, harassing telephone messages with a woman thought to be related to Brotzman. Then dozens of Facebook pages emerged, some filled with ugly name-calling, jabs and taunts aimed at Brotzman. Supporters responded just as quickly, starting “Bronco Nation Loves Kyle Brotzman” or “We Still Love Kyle Brotzman” pages and posting hundreds of messages of support for the beleaguered kicker. As of Monday afternoon, more than 21,600 people had clicked on the Like button for those pages.
I’m laughing at the same time that I’m feeling bad for this kid. Karma’s a mother ****er. I bet he kicks a Super Bowl winning field goal in a few years time.

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