NFL Week 13: Trap Games

Two games stick out to me, the casual fan, as trap games in the NFL. Can the Bears and Colts win and prove otherwise?

Chicago Bears (8-3) vs Detroit Lions (2-9)
The Lions are an impressive 2-9 team, that have won some good games and made others look close. The Bears, meanwhile, have a good rushing defense. Ummm… Other then that they really kinda suck. 26th in passing years; 21st in rushing yards, and 16th in passing yards allowed. When the Lions pass, they will win. Bears aren’t going to be able to just pick apart Detroit like a vacated camp site in the woods.

Dallas Cowboys (3-8) vs Indianapolis Colts (6-5)
Wow, the Colts are 6-5 and are in danger of not winning the AFC South, and maybe not even making the playoffs? The good news for the Colts is they are at home. The bad news for the Colts is that the Cowboys have two or their three wins on the road, and might be able to muster some offense. The question is the defense. If Big D’s D can step up, then this Colts team will be in a bad place.


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