Cheeseheads Flying Off The Shelves

Here’s a company that’s making tons off of the Packers’ success this postseason:

According to the head-cheese at Wisconsin-based Foamation — creators of the iconic headgear — the company has had to bring in extra staff to keep up with the surge in orders … “literally thousands coming in every day.”

We’re told the official pro shop at Lambeau Field went through 1,000 cheese-heads this week alone – filing orders from as far away as the United Kingdom.

The Queso kings also tell us that they’ve got deals in place pending on the outcome of the game — and if Green Bay defeats the Chicago Bears … they’ll be rolling in cheddah!!! 
Get ya chesseheads, get ya cheeseheads! The real question is: do the actual Packers die hards wear cheeseheads, or is this like the same situation as those pink Red Sox hats I always see girls wearing? Bottom line, a Green Bay win would be a jackpot…


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