Weird Story of the weekend…

An energy drink that cost Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo a paycheck for 10 games:

OJ Mayo says he tested + for DHEA from an energy drink he bought @ a gas station. None of the top drinks have DHEA in it.
I think it’s still very possible that he just guessed that it really was from an energy drink, just as it’s possible that a) he’s lying, or b) he’s an aficionado of indie energy drinks. Are there energy drink microbreweries? Like, for hipsters? Wouldn’t the chemical buzz be offset by the jaded malaise that comes along with wanting to drink such a thing to begin with?

What was it? Red Bull? NOS? 5 Hour Energy? Either way, this sounds like the poorest excuse for a positive P.E.D. test in the history of sports. But another level, I might think he’s telling the truth…


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