Charlie Sheen Parties with Major Leaguers

Charlie Sheen had a rip rager of a party the other night at his home. Not.

Sheen tells us … in addition to flying in SF Giants pitcher Brian “The Beard” Wilson on his jet from Arizona to L.A. … Charlie also imported Kenny LoftonTodd ZeileEddie Murray, Lenny Dykstra and others. We’re told Pete Rose was supposed to show … but got stuck somewhere and couldn’t make it…Charlie says he assembled the crew to screen his classic flick, “Major League” … and he even brought in the writer and director, David S. Ward, to give an introduction in Charlie’s private theater. 
During the party, Charlie let some of the guys try on Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring … which Sheen purchased at an auction more than a decade ago. 

Imagine how pissed off you would be if you were Kenny Lofton or one of these other retired players? You’re invited to Sheen’s crib and you’re expecting hookers, cocaine, booze, and dance music. What do you get? A 90’s baseball movie and some popcorn.

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