UFC Star Wins Title and Stops Crime All in the Same Day

Jon “Bones” Jones Dominates Shogun Rua in UFC 128 from Peter Jacobs on Vimeo.

Jon “Bones” Jones kicked a55 in his UFC title bout last night, and took down a robber earlier in the day. Superhero type stuff:

Jones was doing what has become his ritual before a fight … he was meditating at a park in Patterson, NJ when he heard a woman scream, “I’ve been robbed!” Jones began chasing the man for a good distance. When the fighter caught up with the alleged robber, he knocked the guy’s legs out from under him, then placed him in a figure-four leg lock until Paterson cops arrived…Jones tweeted about the incident, and even posted a photo (see below) his driver took of the aftermath. He wrote, “I caught him….Coach Jackson finished him … It feels so good to help others. It gives me power and energy.”
Talk about awesome timing for the lady who got robbed. Oh, you need some help getting your purse back? Here’s a world champion fighter to help you out.”


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