Devin Hester Doesn’t Like The NFL Rule Changes

I see the NFL is trying to take the kickoff game out. They already punt out of bounds. What’s next?less than a minute ago via Echofon

Can you blame him? This guy has basically made a career off of returning kicks to the house, but new NFL rules could lessen his chance of bringing some back:

The NFL owners meetings in New Orleans aren’t just about the current labor situation — it’s also about rule changes. The Competition Committee proposed a rule change that would move kickoffs from the 30 to the 35-yard line and it passed…So kickoffs will now start at the 35-yard line which likely means more touchbacks. For the NFL’s purposes, that means less returns, which in turn may mean less injuries. Kickoff returns are one of the most dangerous parts of the game and player safety has been an emphasis in recent years.
Just another safety measure made by the NFL that annoys me. You don’t want to get drilled on a kickoff and suffer the consequences? Go play flag football. I side with Hester on this one.


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