Charlie Sheen Bro’d Up w/ Lenny Dykstra

According to real estate records, Sheen closed Friday on a $7 million house located in the exclusive Mulholland Estates  … near where he lives now. Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ … when it came to getting financing, he asked none other than Lenny Dykstra for help.  Lenny worked as Charlie’s middleman to secure a loan. Remember … Lenny filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after declaring he was between $10 million and $50 million in debt. And ironically … Lenny’s $17.5 million home went into foreclosure.  His Rolls Royce and jet got repossessed, etc. etc… Oh yeah, it got so bad, one of his creditors tried to repo his dog…

Not Sheen’s smartest move, but I guess the friends come first. I thought he was winning all by himself, but apparently the money situation may not be as flattering as we think it is. Who knew you could even try to repossess someone’s dog?!?!?


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