Name of the Year: Who Takes the Cake?

…all of the following brilliant monikers failed to even make the field of 64 for 2011:
  • Tore Vikingstad, 
  • Clifford Many Heads
  • Dick Longwish
  • Vandy Blue Spikes
  • Harry Baals
  • Who did make it? Number one seeds Monquarius Mungo, Atticus Disney, stonegarden grindlife (correct spelling), and La’Peaches Pitts, all names so suspiciously fake but real that they might automatically merit a police search of your hotel room if you dared to check in using one of them. With past winners like Barkevious Mingo, Nohjay Nimpson, and Steele Sidebottom, they have a legacy of nominal greatness to live up to unequalled in all of fake internet competition.

Nohjay Simpson is such a sleeper. One of those names that creeps up on you without realizing it. Obviously, the biggest snubs from this year’s soon to be released bracket are Harry Baals and Dick Longwish. I think they are the VCU and USC of the year, so they should have a play in game to get on the bracket.


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