Nude Runner Gets Tased and Arrested

Brett Henderson spent a long time training for Sunday’s Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. So when the pair of running shorts he borrowed from his father kept slipping down as he ran, he did the only logical thing. 

He took them off and kept running. 

The Cincinnati police don’t take too kindly to naked marathon running, apparently, and when they spotted Henderson (and his flying pig) they asked him to exit the race and get into a police car. He refused and continued running the race, at which point he was tased and arrested…

“This is something that happens and is tolerated in the running culture, along with runners who sometimes (urinate) or defecate during a race. Shouldn’t that be considered indecent exposure, too, if what I did was indecent? In fact, running naked was encouraged in a marathon I ran in San Francisco, so I don’t know why this was such a big deal.”

Well the rules that exist for runners in San Francisco are clearly different than those in Cincinnati. I get why he did what he did, so I can’t berate him for trying to finish the race as quickly as possible. Still, that’s one runner that I’m not gonna be watching anytime soon. Two words. Swamp balls.


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