Change of Plans: New Rapture Date

Ok, so zombies didn’t poke out from the underground as mass earthquakes killed us all on Saturday, but the mastermind behind the Rapture has now randomly set a new date: October 21. So what will we be watching when this Rapture comes around?

So now that we know that, it’s not too early to look ahead and wonder what we’ll be doing when the final hours come. We can assume we’ll be watching sports because that’s what we do here. But which sports? College football fans will be enjoying some Friday Night Lights, though apologies are in order that they’ll be blinked out of existence while watching Big East Football (Rutgers vs. Louisville or West Virginia vs. Syracuse).There’s a good chance baseball fans will be watching a playoff game. If things hold, you might just be watching the Indians attempting to win their first World Series since 1948, which they of course be unable to do. Considering this is Cleveland we’re talking about, that sounds just about right.

Big East football for the apocalypse? Talk about insult to injury. At least we had the Preakness, PGA Tour golf, and some great MLB games last Saturday as I was having my last meal.


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