NBA Players Dropping Like Flies cause of Lockout

Deron Williams has agreed in principle to a deal with Besiktas, a club based in Turkey best known for employing Allen Iverson last season, according to a Turkish TV network… The coach, Ergin Ataman, said that the club and Williams were “close to an agreement.” The coach also said that Williams would be the biggest star in Europe; that is no overstatement. Of course, even if a deal is agreed to, Williams would be in New Jersey suiting up for the Nets should the NBA lockout end before the start of the regular season. There’s also the matter of FIBA approval for the deal with Besiktas, given that Williams is under contract with the Nets for next season; that might rely on Nets approval for the deal, which might be a challenge to get even as the Nets do everything in their power to convince Williams to sign an extension beyond the 2011-12 season.

Everybody and their mom is jumping ship from the US to go play overseas, telling me that the NBA lockout is %100 on. It’s even more on than the NFL lockout, which is about 80 or 90 percent probable in my mind. Sports is gonna suck if the next few months lead to 0 negotiations from either league. We could be screwed for the fall and winter…


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