‘Tiger’ Sues PGA Tour. Great Headline

Here’s the Tiger we’re referring to:

The SUPERFAN — Jason Goodwin (pictured above) — claims he got “pre-permission” to wear his spirited costume to the TPC Boston tournament in 2010 … but once he arrived to the course, one of the golfers flipped out. Goodwin, who says he had a valid ticket for the event, claims security escorted him off the course after the 1st hole … because Tiger’s playing partner, Angel Cabrera, complained the tiger suit was “too bright and bothersome.” Goodwin filed a small claims lawsuit against the PGA in Boston, insisting his civil rights were “infringed upon” — and he wants $7150 to make things right. 

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: this is what the PGA Tour needs. Every fan should dress up in weird costumes, preferably provocative ones for the females to distract the golfers. The fans should be allowed yell, cheer or shout anything they want during a player’s swing, and the players would have golf cart races on every hole. How’s that for a golf tournament?


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