NFL Must Wins: Week 5

It’s that time of year.  Time to look at who needs to buckle down and battle hard, and win some football games.

For those of you that need a reminder of how this works, I’ll give you four teams that NEED TO WIN this week or else.

Make sure to check out our picks, coming out tomorrow morning before the games.  But first, the MUST WIN TEAMS of Week 5:

Indianapolis Colts (0-4)
Hosting Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) at 1:00PM on CBS
The Colts are a mess under center.  Kerry Collins was mediocre at best, and Painter wasn’t all that much better.  Still, the team is putting up more than one touchdown a game (except for Week 1).  If the defense can buckle down more, and the offense can get one more TD, then the Colts can look at resurrecting their season.

Buffalo Bills (3-1)
Hosting the Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) at 1:00PM on FOX
The Bills suffered a HUGE let-down loss after beating the Patriots late in Week 3.  Now, they host the struggling Eagles, who are searching for something to validate themselves.  The Bills need to come back strong to show they are a team to watch out for during the reason of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
Hosting the Tennessee Titans (3-1) at 1:00PM on CBS
The Steelers are a poor 2-2 team so far this season.  Big Ben has struggled, only throwing three touchdowns so far this season, and five interceptions.  Roethlisberger have five INTs all of last season.  If the Steelers can piece together a rushing game, which has so far evaded them this season, then they can win games.  Until them, they will lose.

Detroit Lions (5-0)
Hosting the Chicago Bears (2-2) on MNF on ESPN
The Lions are the biggest surprise this season.  Not that they are winning, but that they haven’t lost!  Now they host their biggest rival, daaaaa Bears, on the biggest stage, Monday Night Football.  A win will validate this season and this team as true contenders who will be around all season.  A loss might spell disaster.

And one more…

Oakland Raiders (2-2)
Visiting the Houston Texans (3-1) at 1:00PM on CBS
The loss of Al Davis this Saturday will hang heavy over all of Raider Nation.  I’m hesitant to say the Raiders need to win Sunday, but I think they need to play tough and stand strong.  Next week, with the Raiders back home, they’ll need to pull out the victory.


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