NFL Must Wins: Week 6


Here we go again, another week, another four teams that must win. My must win teams almost all won last week (sorry Colts, you suck), so those in this week’s list should get ready to turn the season around.

Atlanta Falcons (2-3)
Hosting Carolina Panthers (1-4) at 1:00PM on FOX
The Falcons have been inconsistent, and had the Packers all wrapped up after the first half of SNF last week.  78 of the 109 points that the Falcons have allowed have been scored in the second half.  The passing defense ranks 28th in the league, while the running game, usually the core of the offense with Michael Turner, has been stagnent, averaging under 100 yards per game.  Thankfully for the Falcons, Turner has had four 100+ rushing games against the Panthers in his last five games.  Win and give the season some hope.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-4)
Visiting Washington Redskins (3-1) at 1:00PM on FOX
The Eagles are a wreck.  The supposedly jewel of this season has been unable to put anything together, even with the number one ranked rushing game in the NFL (thanks to Vick), and number eight passing game.  The rushing defense struggles mightily, and that never helps.  A loss could be the end of the Andy Reid.

Oakland Raiders (3-2)
Hosting the Cleveland Browns (2-2) at 4:05PM on CBS
Time to prove last week was not just a memorial for Al Davis and put together two strong wins.  Big win will be a huge motivator for this team, and Raider Nation, going forward this season, especially with the Chargers being, well, the Chargers.

Detroit Lions (5-0)
Hosting San Francisco 49ers (4-1) at 1:00PM on FOX
I’m not completely sold on the Lions yet, even with their big win on MNF agains the Bears last week.  They’ve consistently shown they are a second-half team, but I keep waiting for them to get overpowered or just fall short.  That could happen this week with the 49ers in town, a team that is doing really well at 4-1, especially on the road, where they are 2-0.  A win this week may get me on the real Lions bandwagon.


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