Token NFL Picks: Week 6

BY: Michael | IMG SOURCE

Michael picked up a point on Alex again last week, and now leads 55 – 47.

This week’s matchups aren’t as upset ready as past weeks, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some good games, like the Bills and Giants battling for NY State supremacy, and the Cowboys trying to get a moral victory against the Patriots.

The picks:

Michael Alex
Total Points (Including Week 6) 64 55
Carolina @ Atlanta
1:00PM on FOX
Falcons Panthers
Indianapolis @ Cincinatti
1:00PM on CBS
Bengals Bengals
San Francisco @ Detroit
1:00PM on FOX
Lions Lions
St Louis @ Green Bay
1:00PM on FOX
Packers** Packers
Buffalo @ New York Giants
1:00PM on CBS
Giants Bills
Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh
1:00PM on CBS
Steelers Steelers
Philadelphia @ Washington
1:00PM on FOX
Redskins Eagles
Cleveland @ Oakland
4:05PM on CBS
Raiders Browns
Houston @ Baltimore
4:05PM on CBS
Ravens Ravens**
Dallas @ New England
4:15PM on FOX
Patriots Patriots
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
4:15PM on FOX
Saints Buccaneers
Minnesota @ Chicago
SNF 8:20PM on NBC
Bears Bears
Miami @ New York Jets
MNF 8:30PM on ESPN
Jets Jets

BYE WEEK: Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks

**LOCK of the week, counts double.

Follow all the games here.

And check this out, while your at it. Is Brandon Marshall just joshin’ us all?


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