NFL Must Wins: Week 7


Two teams return to this Must Win list that have been on it before. And two more that could return to this list many teams before the season is out. It’s getting nitty and gritty out there, and something has to happen soon for these guys. Especially the Colts. I mean, c’mon.

Detroit Lions (5-1)
Hosting the Atlanta Falcons (3-3) at 1:00PM on FOX
For the third time this season, I’ve included the Lions. This week, however, it’s not because I’m not sold on them. It’s because they lost and need to rebound. Unfortunately they are hosting the Falcons, a team that is tougher then their record suggests. A victory over Atlanta will put this team back on track.

Houston Texans (3-3)
Visting the Tennessee Titans (3-2) at 1:00PM on CBS
The Texans were suppose to walk away with the AFC South. The Texans were to suppose to finally have a great season, thanks to a weak conference and an injured Peyton Manning. Suppose. Instead, the Texans are slipping behing the Titans, who they visit Sunday in a game that will either put the Titans into a good two game lead in the South, or put the themselves in front. A victory could also start a strong run to their bye week, as they then host Jacksonville (1-5), Cleveland (2-3), and visit Tampa Bay (4-2).

New York Jets (3-3)
Hosting the San Diego Chargers (4-1) at 1:00PM on CBS
The offense out of the J-E-T-S has been pretty deplorable. How much longer with the New York fans put up with Rex Ryan’s antics, Mark Sanchez’s poor performances, and the poor record? They may let it slide a bit longer with a strong performance over the visiting Chargers before heading into the bye week. That always helps.

Indianapolis Colts (0-6)
Visiting the New Orleans Saints (4-2) at 8:20PM on NBC
The Colts are so sad. It’s horrible to watch them. And now they are playing on a Sunday night, against a team that will surely torch them. Points will be racked up in the Saints favor. Nothing good will come of it. Unless the Saints get complacent. TRAP GAME! A win here would be nice for the Colts. How they do it is beyond me.


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