Happy Thanksgiving from Token Sports

Thanksgiving is woefully underrated, much like Dante Hall’s career year or Brian Scalabrine’s 3 point shooting.

Food on food on food, 3 pretty good NFL match ups on the docket, and a Texas/Texas A&M rivalry that ends tonight on the football field (stupid conference realignment). So sports fans, allow me to quickly put everything in perspective for you on this Turkey Day. Here’s what we should all be thankful for, no matter which team we root for.

Be thankful for the Lions. Every year we love to laugh, poke fun, and marinate their usually horrible season as we give them 3 hours of our time in November. They always give a decent effort, but more often than not fall up short on Gobble Gobble Day. This year, everything is different! They have a winning record, they have an offense to speak of, and they have the toughest young lineman in the league in Ndamukong Suh. Today’s game should be a lot more competitive than year’s past, and I like the Lions to get that prized Thanksgiving day win.

Be thankful for college basketball. The NBA is gone. Gone forever? Doubtful, but gone for a long time. We need the college guys now more than ever. We need Gus Johnson freaking out, Dick Vitale jumping on the Duke bandwagon…WE NEED GREAT COLLEGE HOOPS THIS YEAR. So far? Lots of great tournament action, some early upsets, and some great highlights. So far so good.

Be thankful for the Presidents Cup. Without it, the U.S. would be a laughing stock in international competition.

Be thankful for the last week of college football in the regular season. It’ upon us right now. November has already been extremely unpredictable, making the job of the people at the BCS computers even harder. Let’s make it so confusing and upsetting this year that a playoff in college pigskin is a definite in the near future.

Lastly, be thankful for everything outside of sports that is valuable to you. Family, friends, co-workers…they make the world go round for us. Everyone have a great one, and enjoy the day!


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