Token NFL Picks: Week 16

Well, the NFL is playing the bulk of its games on SATURDAY instead of SUNDAY because of a certain CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. But don’t worry, there still is a game Sunday night (and a good one: Chicago @ Packers… good because it’ll be all Packers). But Alex needs to win BIG this week to give himself some sort of tunnel to look for light at the end of. Michael owns the big lead, 138-127. Too bad.

The Saturday games, Sunday night game, and Monday night game:

Michael Alex
Denver @ Buffalo
1:00PM on CBS
Broncos Broncos
Arizona @ Cincinatti
1:00PM on FOX
Bengals Bengals
Jacksonville @ Tennessee
1:00PM on CBS
Titans Jaguars
Oakland @ Kansas City
1:00PM on CBS
Raiders Chiefs
Miami @ New England 
1:00PM on CBS
Patriots** Patriots**
New York Giants @ New York Jets
1:00PM on FOX
Giants Giants
St Louis @ Pittsburgh
1:00PM on FOX
Rams Steelers
Minnesotta @ Washington
1:00PM on FOX
Redskins Vikings
Tampa Bay @ Carolina
1:00PM on FOX
Panthers Panthers
Cleveland @ Baltimore
1:00PM on CBS
Ravens Ravens
San Diego @ Detroit
4:05PM on CBS
Lions Chargers
Phillidelphia @ Dallas
4:15PM on FOX
Eagles Cowboys
San Francisco @ Seattle
4:15PM on FOX
49ers Seahawks
Chicago @ Green Bay
SNF 8:20PM on NBC
Packers Packers 
Atlanta @ New Orleans
MNF 8:30PM on ESPN
Saints Saints 

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