Should Celtics Fans be Worried?

Unlike a fair amount of the Celtics blotter you can find regarding this topic on the internet, I will actually give you a definitive answer at the end to the question.

After 3 painful road losses without Paul Pierce in the lineup, the Celtics returned home and have since won 4 games in a row WITH Paul Pierce in the lineup. He is still as important as you thought he is. Needless to say, when all of the pieces of the C’s puzzle are in place, they are still a top 3 team in the Eastern Conference. Support from guys like Brandon Bass, Rondo (as always), some new guys and a lanky white guy names Stiemsma haven’t hurt either. Quite obviously, the Wisconsin product is already taking on the role of the “Brian Scalabrine” of the 2012 Celtics roster, working hard on the floor despite the deficiencies in his stature.

What everyone needs to start hoping and believing in is that the Celtics bench is deep. I mean, we know there’s a lot of healthy bodies sitting there and stepping now, but is this a temporary thing? Can we get 8-10 points from Marquis Daniels every night? Is Avery Bradley ready to be the backup for Rajon Rondo?  Can Keyon Dooling be this efficient all year? Right now, the answers to those questions are: yes, possibly, and doubtful.

The aging Celtics “Big 3” is still functioning just like normal, with slightly scaled statistical production on offense. The 3’s are still there for Allen, the trips to the line are still there for Pierce, and KG’s 18 footer isn’t planning on disappearing anytime soon.

So the question was: Amidst all of this, should Celtics fans be worried about a 4-3 start?

The answer is NO. Let’s let the season play out for a bit.


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