NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Now that we’ve weeded out the wild card teams, the real playoffs have begun…

Saints @ 49ers, Saturday at 4:30 eastern – Mike and I have been curious about the 49ers all year. They got our attention with the win over the Steelers, and the defense has been impressive, but is Alex Smith the real deal? Both us favor a lower scoring game, and we both think Smith falls short to Drew Brees and the Saints (in a close one).

Mike – Saints                  Alex – Saints

Broncos @ Patriots, Saturday at 8:00 – The game of the century, according to ESPN. You have already been suffocated with 14,357 opinions on Tebow vs. The Patriots, so what’s 2 more gonna hurt you. Deep down in my heart, I think this game will be close to start. Tebow may have some success against a weak Pats defense, but can he make more plays than Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium? I doubt it. There’s enough Catholic people praying in New England to trump any amount of Tebowing from Denver. Mike, on the other hand, believes in divine intervention.

Mike – Broncos              Alex – Patriots

Texans @ Ravens, Sunday at 1:00 – Don’t underestimate the toughness of a weakened Texans team, but don’t EVER underestimate Baltimore’s ability to win in the postseason…especially at home. A mediocre QB, a hard-nosed running back and a relentless front 7 on defense has always been the winning formula in Baltimore.

Mike – Ravens                Alex – Ravens

Giants @ Packers, Sunday at 4:30 – Mike is a Giants fan, which helps explain his pick. He is dead set that this is a repeat of the sneaky greatness of the 2007 Giants who lifted the Lombardi Trophy. I see the similarities (Eli is on fire, the D makes plays at key moments), but I don’t buy the repeat. Green Bay at Lambeau is too tough at Lambeau to bow down. Aaron Rodgers is fresh, they just went 15-1 without blinking, and how soon we forget they are the defending world champions.

Mike – Giants                   Alex – Packers


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