The Token Sports Death Match that is…Super Bowl 46

(I approve)

Anyone who has listened to a blip of a podcast, or has even skimmed a few articles on T.S. knows that I (Alex) rep the Patriots and Mike reps the Giants. Always has been that way, and always will be.

Before the playoffs started, we joked at the possibility of a rematch. Now that the joke is a reality, and we have a Super Bowl for the ages on our hands next Sunday. I speak for myself and Mike when I say that game could go either way. Under the circumstances, this game is a coin flip (despite the fact New England is currently field goal favorite).

The storylines are berserk and impressive at the same time:
-A rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, where the GMen ended an 18-0 perfect season for the Pats with a late touchdown.

-A rematch of the week 9 matchup, that the Giants won 24-20 in Gillette. That’s the last game the Patriots have lost this season. They have gone 10-0 since.

-Eli Manning trying to win a Super Bowl in the house that his brother built, Lucas Oil field in Indy.

-Tom Brady trying to win in his rival Colts’ stadium. By the well, #12 for the Patriots will be occupying the locker of Peyton Manning’s for the Super Bowl, since the home team is the AFC this year.

-How about Boston vs. New York? The two biggest media markets on the east coast do battle in a rivalry fueled Super Bowl XLVI. My apologies to the other 90 percent of the country. I head the commercials are looking good this year…

Any more questions? As for the game, all of our predictions and bets will be laid down in the coming podcasts, but I think you have an idea who were rooting for.


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