The Choke Hall of Fame…Kyle Stanley

I would feel a little bit bad for this Clemson guy playing the lead in the biggest choke in recent memory on the PGA Tour. He was once 7 shots ahead of the field in the final round, and he walked away the runner-up.

Up three shots on the 72nd tee (the par 5 18th), Stanley was about to do the thinkable. Brandt Snedeker joked “my work is done for the day” after finishing at 16 under. Little did Sned know he would be hoisting the tournament winner’s trophy about 40 minutes later.

Kyle spins his 3rd shot off the front of the green and into the water. Hits his 5th shot 40 feet past. With two putts down the hill to win the tournament by a shot, he leaves the first putt 4 feet short. The tickler down the hill after that never even hit the hole…and on to a playoff. All he needed was double bogey to win, and he made triple. Ugh…

After a pair of birdies on the 18th (where the disaster occurred 15 minutes prior), they went to the par 3 16th.  Both had 6 foot putts for par, and as the saying goes “first in tends to win.” Snedeker made his first, and Stanley completed the choke performance with a miss to end it. Here’s what he had to say:
“I know I’ll be back,” Stanley said, pausing to allow the words to come out of his mouth. “It’s tough to swallow right now.”

..and the Champion Brandt Snedeker:
“It’s just crazy,” Snedeker said. “To get my mind around what happened the last 30 minutes is pretty hard to do right now. My heart is out to Kyle. I feel bad for him to have to go through this.”


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