Ochocinco Hooks Up The Patriots

Since Super Bowl week is officially off an running, it’s time to infiltrate the blogosphere with my Patriots fandom. Check out this story from Foxboro, as the Patriots left for Indy Sunday afternoon:

…reports that Ochocinco dropped around $28,000 on Beats by Dre Headphones for every member of the team. The headphones, widely regarded as the best in the industry, were designed by rapper Dr. Dre. The version Ochocinco picked out for the team produce a “clean, yet forceful sound.”

Normally I would gawk at a pre SB46 story like this, especially from my favorite media hungry man #85, but I just can’t. I own a pair of Beats by Dre Headphones and they are life changing. Noise-canceling, perfect for the distractions in Indy this week heading up to the game Sunday. Though I don’t quite have the gold-studded headphones, my classic black and red is sleek and sophisticated:


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  1. Yup just what these millionaires need free stuff

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