I’ve Gone Lin-sane

It’s official: I’m all over the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. I’m all about the kid. He can do no wrong right now in my book. Every time I watch him play, I always refer to what he can do for a team on the court. When I watch Tim Tebow, I find myself stuck on what he can’t do on the football field. That’s the difference between these two sports cult heroes of our time. I can go either way on Tebow, but I know exactly what I get out of Lin.

I’m a big stats guy. This Harvard grad’s numbers are about as impressive as his SAT scores. Not only is capable of the 25 or 30 point explosion, he’s also capable of a 13 assist night where his shot count goes down. Lin’s 13.5 points per game and nearly 6 assists a night aren’t too shabby, but its his court awareness and ability to make his teammates better that makes him so captivating.

When Lin is on the floor for the Knicks, the team’s field goal percentage is about 15 points higher, and it’s no coincidence why. He seems to be okay with feeding Amare Stoudemire (who is back in the fray), but how will we react to the return of Carmelo Anthony? Melo is the guy taking the last shot now. There isn’t as much need for Lin to create his own offense, because Melo is right there…to do just that.

His reaction to this exact question was indicative of just how much Jeremy Lin “gets it” at the age of 23. When the reporter referred to Carmelo returning and how it would affect Jeremy’s game, he said “yeah, I won’t have to take as many shots, so my shots will go down and my assists will go up.” Simple as that.

Right now, Jeremy Lin is putting up the numbers and leading his team the way a top 10 point guard in the league would. This kid is not the Asian Kobe (Yellow Mamba?), but he is a nice player, and a refreshing one to watch at that. So, let’s all enjoy the lin-sanity, stay lin-terested in the NBA. If that means that an Asian kid from Harvard will keep the buzz alive in pro basketball, so be it.

The most talked about rapper is white, the most talked about golfer is black, and the most talked about basketball player is asian. There’s 3 stereotypes put to rest in 2012…


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