Fighting in the NHL Taken to the Extreme?

Here’s a few perspectives on the fighting between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. This season,they have had glove dropping brawls three times in 3 meetings, with the most recent 2 fights happening literally at the drop of the puck (above) to start the contest. I don’t know where I stand on this, so here’s two different opinions I formulated:

On one hand, It’s Stupid. I can understand a fight as retaliation for a team, or to boost the morale and energy of a struggling one, but before the puck even dropped to start period number one. These rivals are making hockey look like the WWE tag team matches in the cage…only on skates. The pre-meditated idea of fighting to begin a professional sporting is idiotic, no matter how rough and physically intense the sport might be.

On the other hand, It’s Great! Hockey needs ratings. They need crazy s&%# happening on the ice (in any way possible) to bring back that waning audience of a few years ago. The Rangers/Devils rivalry is one of hardest fought in the NHL year round, next to the Bruins and Canadiens, so why not fight guys that you hate, guys that you want to beat up. Everybody knows that the winner of the game is more important than the winner of the fight, so with that in perspective, any fight is fair in the NHL. Fighting is a necessary part of the game.

Vote for yourself. Let us know whether it’s stupid or great to have NHL fights right when the puck drops.


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