Date #1: Dating a Sports Blogger


72 hours after jumping the shark and signing up for, I found myself on a date. Quite obviously, red flags are waving everywhere if this girl is ready to go out on a date with me (of all people) after a short conversation. So, I was cautiously optimistic, going in with an open mind. She could be bat shit crazy, she could be awesome in every way.

Overall, I give the date a B, a solid B. Started off with a couple of drinks, and it was a positive sign to see her order a beer. Since we both work in similar fields, we traded a lot of crazy kid stories and talked about what our schools were like. She comes from a midwestern background, and is very polite, but knows how to have a good time. After a margarita, we hit the mini-golf course…where I was right at home. No notably awkward moments, mainly because she was pretty talkative and she liked my sarcastic sense of humor. The answer to your next question is yes, I won at mini-golf. Still, she doesn’t have the typical balky butter that you would expect out of a girl who doesn’t golf much. She held her own.

Then we got to talking sports. It had to happen eventually. First date necessities to ask like “who are your teams?” and “what’s your favorite sports to watch?” were brought up in quick time. On that note, she’s a Kentucky Basketball fan because she went to school there. Good school choice, seeing as I have nothing against the Wildcats. They also rake in wins and trot out NBA prospects every year, so you have to respect that. As for the warning signs, she said football moves TOO SLOW for her. My response…”If you think football is slow, you must despise baseball then.” While I get that literally there is 35-40 seconds between each play, you would be hard pressed to find a true sports fan that thinks football is a slow sport. Ask Tom Brady or Peyton Manning if they think the games move slow. 

That was my biggest nitpick in regards to the date. Still, for date #1, going on a profile description and a few photos, she performed pretty well. If my biggest beef was with her thinking football is too slow, then I may have a winner on my hands. She’s not gonna see my on any Sunday during football season anyways (priorities).

The verdict: Grabbed her number, 2nd date locked up next week. In other news and notes, I already have a stalker girl who messages me all the time. Got that going for me too!


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