The Flop of a Lifetime


Tiger has had a lot of great ones, but this one was particularly great. Coming from a couple of golfers, Token Sports is sympathetic as to just how ridiculously f&**ing tough those shots are to pull off. Here’s a million (eh hem actually just 4) reasons why:

-Downhill Lie…It’s hard enough for us weekend golfers and nighttime range rats to consistently flop one off a cushy flat lie. Imagine if the slope is working completely against you. Tiger slid his 60 degree wedge under the ball with the touch of a spiderweb painter to get it flying high fast.

-Into blustering wind…the wind even takes its toll on the shrimpiest of golf shots that only travel 10 or 15 yards. It turns the flight of the golf ball into a Tim Wakefield knuckleball, and it can take away or add on unexpected amounts of distance to your shots almost immediately. He probably picked out a 1 square foot area to land his golf ball, and sure enough he hit his spot.

-Water on the other side…this is for any golfer who has ever, at any point asked themselves “what would be the penalty if I shanked this right now?” Now that we’ve all nodded in agreement, remember that this wasn’t just your Saturday four ball. It was Sunday at a PGA Tour event, being down 1 shot as he approached his greenside position at 16. The Big Show

-Lightning fast greens: to quote Gary McCord, the greens at The Memorial this year looked like they just got a bikini wax. Fast.

With all that said, Tiger pulled off the miracle and had us on 30 second daydream moments back to 1999 and 2001, when he was the alpha golfer. Here was the shot of the tournament from Sunday’s final round:


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