PLAYOFFS! Logic finally rules the roost

We’ve been long advocates of a college football playoff system to determine the top team in the country for a long time now, dating back to our early infancy on WQAQ at Quinnipiac University. And if my memory serves me correctly, we’ve been talking about it since before it was the talk of the town.

Now, the NCAA and caught up. Official this Tuesday evening, the NCAA presidents approved a 4-Team Playoff that will begin in 2014, and continue until 2025. This will result in a selection committee choosing the four teams that will play in two games at current BCS sites, like the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl, and then a National Championship Game between the two winners at a site to be determined by the highest bidder (let’s face it, it’ll go to Jerry Jones’ Football Xanadu down in Dallas).

And why did the NCAA finally get on the bandwagon that could have won any politician a seat in government? MONEY. “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” It’s always all about the Benjamins. And can we blame them? The lure of a massive, highly lucrative, gargantuanly massive television deal is just too much to avoid. I’d like to think that the massive outpouring of protest from the fans had something to do with it to.

The biggest problem with this new set-up? The possibility that we could still see a rematch from a conference championship game in the National Championship game, which we saw last year when Alabama defeated LSU, the school that beat them in the SEC Championship. And while I think it’s all well and good that the team that won that matchup happened to be the team that lost the previous one, I don’t think a team that lost its conference championship should be playing in a National Championship game. And the new playoff scenario would increase this likelihood. Say the #1 and #2 teams play in a conference championship. #1 beats #2, but #2 only slips to #3 in the rankings. Playoffs commence. #3 wins its game, as does #1. We have a rematch of the conference game when #1 beat the new #3 (was #2). Make sense?

But at the same time, this increases the likelihood of a team like TCU and Boise State making it to the Championship. And at the very least, finally gives some respect to all the other D-I football teams out there in this big wide American landscape of football.

It’s a giant leap in the right direction.


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