The Obligatory Ray Allen Rant

Let’s start things positively: thanks to Ray Allen for the 2008 Championship. Thanks for all the 3’s and the great work you did in the Boston community for 5 seasons.

On that note, let’s talk about the b**** move that he made Friday night.

Ray Allen certainly knows how to deliver a “screw you” moment, which is what he did in signing with the Miami Heat…for less money. How much less? Well, the man cut his salary in half. The C’s offered him 2 years for &12 million bucks (6 million a year to come first off the bench and start some games). The Heat offered him $3 million a year to stare at the Big 3 while he enjoys the comforts of the bench for half the game.

I’m sure he had a shell of a reason. There were claims of a beef between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, and some speculation that he din’t like the way the front office was handling contracts of players. Still, it hurts because it was the Heat, and nobody else. If he took big money to go rot in Sacramento or Cleveland for the twilight of his career I wouldn’t have shed a tear. Instead, he picked the one team the Celtics really do hate. The team that has eliminated the C’s the past two seasons. The team that represents everything that the Celtics are not.

It’s the team full of superstars trying to jump on the brightest part of a stage (with little desire to share). Bandwagon fans are more prevalent than the Spanish language in Miami, and I can guarantee that they will turn on Ray Ray if he is anywhere near as cold as he was during the 2012 Playoffs. I think Allen is going to find it very different in the M.I.A, adjusting to a life away from where his family has set up camp in New England. Away from the Celtics fan base that took him in and never batted an eye at his shooting woes last year. Away from the comfort of teammates who he went to battle with every night, veterans who are time-tested warriors.

So when he does come back to Boston in a Heat uniform, will it be a majority of cheers or boos? Probably the former…until the basketball is tipped off. Then we hate Ray Allen with a Celtics passion. ANY OTHER TEAM RAY..except the Heat. Why’d you do it?

Oh well, time to go burn your jerseys:


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