I don’t care about the All-Star Break

I mean, I really don’t. I think I used to, but when I was young and stupid. And that was back when the All-Star game in Major League Baseball didn’t mean anything. Today, it’s for home field advantage in the World Series.

But honestly, I don’t care. It’s just another trumped up show for all the over-paid athletes to inflate their egos. And does anyone watch any All-Star game, from baseball to basketball to football and hockey? The NFL Pro-Bowl is so messed up, they considering getting rid of it all together. Why would any professional football player want to risk injuring themselves in a game that means absolutely nothing? And with it now happening during the week break before the Super Bowl, all the players people want to see play don’t even show up.

The NHL at least has a cool skills competition, kind of like the NBA with their dunk-contest and 3-point contest. But it’s still a giant “Look At What I Can Do” show. And in sports like basketball where the athletes want nothing more than attention, I’m disgusting by it. It’s all a giant “Ooo! Ooo! Look At Me!” party.

So no, I didn’t watch last night’s Home Run Derby, and I won’t be watching tonight’s MLB All-Star Game. And I don’t have a problem with that.


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