ESPN and Tiger are deplorable

I’m going to add to the not-unusual humongous amount of babble going on in the world about Tiger Woods. And I’m not particularly proud of it.

But seriously, ESPN, you need to stop. Every single shot of Tiger Woods on the Sunday of The Open Championship? Even after Tiger took himself out of contention with a horrible triple bogey on the 6th? Even after he tallied up a bogey on 13, 14, and 15? Even when he was so far back, the only possible way for him to win would be birdie-birdie-birdie-birdie-birdie, plus a bogey-out finish from Adam Scott (OK, that happened), plus for everyone else to stay put or bogey-out? I mean SERIOUSLY?!

I’ve said many times here on the blog, and on the podcast, that Tiger’s chances of winning another major are slim to none. Sure, he did very well at Royal Lytham & St. Annes, finishing in a tie for third thanks to an awfully nice birdie on 18, but his overall play this season has been spotty at best. When he is playing his best, he is very, very good. But he’s not unbeatable anymore. If anything, we see him as more human, more normal, and more beatable.

And the other players on tour are certainly aware of that. Most of them are most likely using his old technique against him. All “aggressive” and “strong” and “menacing.” Adam Scott was able to do that for most of Sunday, until he hit the back nine and had a Rory McIlroy-esque collapse.

Plus, the talent on Tour these days is so deep and strong, its hard to think that Tiger on his best week could beat the entire field, many of which are grabbing up Major wins faster than Tiger’s SUV slammed into a tree those years ago.

Watching the six hours of ESPN’s coverage of Tiger Woods play in The Open Championship was some of the worst television golf I’ve ever seen. The only thing that rivals it is ESPN’s coverage of last year’s British Open. They certainly are some of the worst at showing golf on the ‘tube.

So while I lament the fact that Tiger is still receiving far too much coverage in the press, I also cringe at the horribleness that is ESPN and their continuing coverage of a most historic sporting event. May we pray that when their contract runs out, the R&A gives their money to CBS instead.


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