Token MLB Power Rankings: July 23

It was an ugly week for both Yankee and Red Sox fans.  Unfortunately, that means both of us at Token Sports are down right miserable.  But if you are a fan of any of the other teams in baseball, you might be in better spirits.  And there’s been a big shakeup at the top of the Token Power Rankings.

1. Washington Nationals (55-39, 1st in NL East)
The Nationals are going to keep rolling, even if they keep lying about shutting down Stephen Strasburg, which they should. Long term success if more important for this very young franchise than one-and-done playoff run. If the Nats are smart, they won’t make any big moves this season.

2. Texas Rangers (56-38, 1st in AL West)
Veteran Roy Oswalt, who was pitching well, is sitting out his next Monday due to back stiffness. If he’s out longterm, they need to go get a pitcher. Ryan Dempster in Texas anyone?

3. Detroit Tigers (52-44, 1st in AL Central)
The Tigers are certainly a great looking team. When you win five straight, and score 5 or more runs in four of those games, you’re certainly doing something right.

4. New York Yankees (57-38, 1st in AL East)
The Yankees are showing how important Mariano Rivera was to the team, after losing four straight one-run games, three of them giving up a run in the 8th inning or later. If the offense can put it back together and provide solid run support, they’ll be in much better shape.

5. Cincinnati Reds (55-40, 1st in NL Central)
Five of their last eight wins have come against teams with losing records. They now face four games against the Houston Astros and Colorado Rookies, the two worst teams in the Majors. Time for a feast.

6. San Francisco Giants (53-42, 1st in NL West)
Two straight quality starts out of Tim Lincecum, with 17Ks between the two. The Freak’s next start is against the Padres, one of the worst hitting teams in the Majors.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (54-40, 2nd in NL Central)
OF Andrew McCutchen is on pace to hit .372 with 38 HR and 114 RBI (according to ESPN). 10 straight games against the Astros and Cubs should only improve that possibility.

8. Atlanta Braves (52-43, 2nd in NL East)
Ben Sheets is the Brave’s Andy Pettitte (so far). He’s 2-0 after missing all of last year, and has allowed zero runs over 12 innings.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers (52-44, 2nd in NL West)
The Dodgers have won four straight, but now face a offensively hot St Louis Cardinals team, that has scored 23 runs in their last three games combined. Will the pitching hold?

10. St Louis Cardinals (50-45, 3rd in NL Central)
The Cardinals are the best at getting players on base, and that usually leads to runs. Like the 23 total players they’ve plated in their last three wins. Pitching ain’t too bad either (5th in quality starts).


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